Shrink Wrap Protects Boats During Hurricane Sandy

It is amazing what Mother Nature can do even on the edge of a storm. Bob Abbott saw the effects of Hurricane Sandy first hand in Cleveland, OH. He recently wrote a great testimonial and sent in photos that we would like to share:

“I just thought I would tell you how amazing shrink wrap is after seeing the aftermath of Sandy. We are in Cleveland, Ohio, on Lake Erie. Even though we didn’t get hit directly by Sandy we experienced 60 mph winds with a peak hitting 78 mph and had two marinas nearly wiped out. I shrink wrapped my boat and a friend’s boat. They are stored in a parking lot at a local Yacht Club with a marina right nearby. Here are a few pictures I took yesterday. The first 5 are of our Yacht Club, the others are from the marina next to us. I pointed out with arrows the two boats that I shrink wrapped. Shrink wrap, the only way to store outdoors.”

Click here to see Bob’s amazing photos. Feel free to send in any photos you may have of shrink wrapped objects after a storm!